Undoubtedly KuCoin is one of the leading platforms in the crypto world. With more than 1 million big investors present on their exchange and sending a news feed about the market. This will help you remain updated about the crypto market. KuCoin offers several eye-capturing services. Because of that, KuCoin is also declared one of the biggest Bitcoin exchanges in the crypto world. However, every person mainly cares about the security of their funds. Whether a day trader or a long-term investor, you are always curious about the platform’s security. This article discusses why KuCoin is the best crypto exchange in terms of security. To ensure high-level security, KuCoin enrolled in a Safeguard Program.

Safeguard Program

KuCoin is well known for different security measures, including 2FA and withdrawal limits depending on the account. KuCoin also offers a safeguard program now, which is very helpful in tracking the user’s activity. This program tracks the different information of the user, including their login time, IP Address, and personal information, without asking clients for their personal information. This technology makes KuCoin aware of any suspicious activity and will take action at the right time. 

It is very helpful in protecting the KuCoin platform from different cyber-attacks. KuCoin safeguard token (SAFT) is highly beneficial regarding safe users’ assets. This token protects KuCoin against many threats and runs it very smoothly. After receiving the SAFT token, you can contact with KuCoin customer support, and different other features are also enabled for you. 

Tiers Of Saft

This safety program helps investors to protect their funds in case of any hacker attack on their accounts. The two tiers named, gold and platinum, come with different benefits and features. However, both work similarly and freeze users’ accounts in case of suspicious activity. The gold tier includes insurance covering 1 million USD assets, while platinum insurance covers 3 million USD.

Trading Revenue

The KuCoin platform was developed in 2017 and backed by enthusiasm for blockchain. The team of KuCoin is highly innovative and hardworking people. They create such a policy that KuCoin shares 90% of its revenue with KCS holders. Now, to make their platform more secure, more funds are invested in the Safeguard program of KuCoin. This program takes care of the safety and protection of its users. The people behind this program work more efficiently to reduce fear of the crypto market. Now you can hold a BTC/USDT, ETH/USDT, LUNA/USDT, etc., without any hesitation for the long term.


KuCoin is one of the best places to keep updated about the price of different cryptocurrencies. If you want to know the BTC price, SOL price, or any other cryptocurrency, you will get a live market update on KuCoin. Each market attribute includes trading volume, order books, and price change mentioned on the KuCoin site. Also, one of the main factors discussed in this post is the Safeguard security program. This program will guarantee your fund’s full safety and protection via insurance.