In addition to gaining links on your site, high quality guest post sites also generate organic referral traffic and create a strong brand. While you will not be able to drive massive traffic to your site through guest posts, you can still generate valuable leads if you use contextual links. If you are unsure whether the links you are using carry link juice, use a tool like Cognitive SEO to check if they do. Contextual links not only carry more link juice, but they also establish a higher relevancy factor for your site and improve your user experience.

High-quality guest posts are a long-term strategy

In addition to increasing page ranking, high-quality guest posts also provide valuable organic referral traffic. While top positions in SERPs may require hundreds of backlinks, even a No. 10 ranking features multiple links from different domains. But backlinks aren’t all created equal. In order to boost your page rank, the number of backlinks on your website must be significant. While you may have to wait a long time for the right place, a guest post with links can provide a jump-start to your SEO efforts.

High-authority publications have a lot of power in SEO, and guest posting is one of the best ways to get your brand’s name in front of new audiences. You can also build an authority brand and position your company alongside trusted publications. But make sure to choose a reputable publication and avoid spammy sites. Google can punish you if you resort to black hat SEO tactics, so be sure to choose publications that are backed by thought leaders and readers.

They are a great way to get high-quality links

One of the benefits of guest posting is that it provides you with the opportunity to increase your page rank and gain exposure for your site. However, you should make sure that the blog you’re guest posting on is relevant to your niche and industry. Guest posts published on top-quality websites will typically have internal links, which improves link equity. A good guest post site will also include a byline crediting the author and an author bio box.

During your guest post pitch, do not mention the number of backlinks you want. Use a couple of do follow links that lead to different pages on your site. You can also add a short author bio that introduces yourself and includes a link to your homepage. This will help the search engines know that you’re a credible and useful citation and that you deserve a higher page rank.

They are a good way to get contextual links

One of the most important aspects of a content strategy is getting contextual links. Links are incredibly valuable to search engine optimization and your website needs as many as possible to increase its visibility and rank well in the search engines. Getting links from relevant websites is easier than you may think, and you can easily get a link from a guest post written by a highly-regarded author. If you have the time to write your own content, you can incorporate a video or info graphic in your guest post pitch. Most contextual link building techniques and services require that you provide unique content. But if you’re short on time or are simply don’t want to write an entire article on a topic, you can still use someone else’s expertise to gain links for your website.

The backlinks from guest posts increase credibility of a brand. The audience of the referral blog picks up on the anchor text and outbound hyperlinks in the context of the article, boosting its credibility. These links are particularly useful for startup companies because they’re often the fifth most trusted source of information on the Internet. And because guest posts are written by real people, they are more likely to be shared on social media networks, which can boost their SEO efforts.

They are a great way to get links to your homepage

In SEO, guest posting services are beneficial for getting backlinks to your website. Typically, these posts feature hyperlinked names of your company or website. Google pays close attention to this element. If your anchor text is relevant, it is more likely that people will click on it and visit your site. However, if you link to your homepage from a page with irrelevant content, you can risk being penalized by Google.

In addition to providing links, guest posts are also effective in building anchor text links. These links are particularly effective for non-naturally related pages with little natural link intent. To maximize your return on investment, guest posting should be done on sites with high DR and good domain authority. This method involves manual outreach and takes time. But it can be worth the effort if you know where to look.

They are a great way to get links to your sales page

Guest posting on high-quality sites is an excellent way to generate quality backlinks and increase your search engine rankings. However, there are a few things you should remember before you begin writing quality content for other sites. Firstly, it is important to prioritize your author value, which relates back to the E-A-T principle. Then, choose a relevant niche for your post.


Make sure your articles are unique and relevant to the website where you are posting them. Try to rank high for your own keywords in Google. If possible, include a link to your domain in your author bio. Secondly, make sure your content is relevant to the linking pages. Lastly, make sure your articles are well-written and have relevant subject matter. Then, you can use your articles as backlinks to your sales page.