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Taurus Pronunciation In English By Cambridge Dictionary

One advantage of following this rule is stronger, clearer speech. The voiced this resonant; the unvoiced th is lispy and weak. Visa came into English from French round 1830. In French, a single s between vowels is soft—pronounced like English zin maze or s in rose (e.g., maison)—and this has been the established way of pronouncing the s in visasince the word entered English. VEE-suh, with a hard s as in vista, is appropriate in Spanish, but not in English. The pronunciations VAHZ and VAWZ, famous by Walker above, are British.

Unless you could have some particular reason for preferring Italian spellings and pronunciations, stick with the Englishflutist(FLOO-tist), which is each traditional and unaffected. Veteran radio commentator Paul Harvey says ab-DOH-men, with the accent on the center syllable, and a few speakers nonetheless insist that this is the proper pronunciation. Both ab-DOH-men and AB-duh-men have been utilized in cultivated speech fore greater than 100 years, and both are acceptable. However, since the 1960s AB-duh-men has turn into so prevalent that it has almost eclipsed ab-DOH-men. Be cautious not to insert a y sound in the second syllable of comparable and say SIM-yuh-lur, as if the word have been spelled simular. This is a major-league beastly mispronunciation.

The galactic plane of the Milky Way intersects the northeast nook of the constellation and the galactic anticenter is located near the border between Taurus and Auriga. Taurus is the one constellation crossed by all three of the galactic equator, celestial equator, and ecliptic. A ring-like galactic construction generally recognized as Gould’s Belt passes through the constellation. Take your English pronunciation to the following stage with this audio dictionary references of the word taurus. This is an avowed pet peeve of mine, and certainly not do all authorities agree with me on this punctilio, though many do.

Molecular comes from molecule, and particularcomes from particle, however there is not any nucule to supportnucular.Nuclear comes from nucleus—NOO-klee-us—which is almost by no means mispronounced. If you’ll be able to say nucleus and you can nuke, then the right pronunciation of nuclear is however a suffix away. Gymnast is correctly pronounced to rhyme with swim fast, not slim fist. Some authorities still prefer the German pronunciation, however I say this word is pompous enough without subjecting it to a throat-and-noseful of that.

When autocomplete outcomes are available burn up and down arrows to review and enter to pick. Touch system users, discover by touch or with swipe gestures. Thank you for serving to construct the largest what is psdt language group on the web. View American English pronunciation of tautological. This is the British English pronunciation of tautological. Wassailing—as in Here we go a-wassailing—is pronounced WAHS’l-ing, rhyming with the nonce word fossiling,and wassaileris pronounced WAHS’l-ur, rhyming with jostle’er.


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