Vans x Sour


An announcement from Sour

Subject: Identity vacation in the mental ice age

Sour Solution and Vans release the first-ever Sour x Vans shoe, twice.

Specially adapted to cure the feet anxiety of professional skateboarders Albert Nyberg and Oscar Candon, of Sour and Vans fame.

The Sour x Vans shoe comes in two models, Sk8Hi and Authentic Pro, two Vans classics reimagined to meet the demands of unexplored territories of left- field skateboarding.

With these shoes on your feet, your skating will immediately be on the path towards infinite success and unlimited wellbeing.

The highly skateable Sour x Vans shoes are decorated in the colour of marshmallow – just like the clouds of your childhood dreams – with ruby red details, forewarning you of the sins you are about to commit.

Looking at the insole art, you can feel the success phobia in the kindergarten of grown-ups, where the snake is waiting to bite you, as you lull naively in the paradise.

But decipher the code of the laces and you are ready to enter the next stage of mental unawareness and disregard it all.

Discreetly decorated with artwork created by the exiled Sour art lord Lomar, the Sour x Vans are easy to love and hard to get.

Available Saturday 19. October.

Go get em.
With love,