Cory Kennedy sentenced to 4 years in prison

Over the Labor Day weekend, Cory Kennedy was sentenced to 4 years in prison for the fatal DUI crash that killed  Preston “P-Stone” Maigetter. 

Cory received more than 30 letters from friends, family, and others, all highlighting Cory's good character. 

Sam Smyth from Girl/Chocolate remembered the close bond between Kennedy and Maigetter, and said, “save Preston’s family, no one was more destroyed than Cory. He lost a best friend and permanently changed the course of his own life forever.”

According to Cory's sister, he's been undergoing behavioral therapy, treating his alcoholism, and attending Moms Against Drunk Driving meetings. She also said Kennedy gave his house to Maigetter’s wife and two young sons. “Cory, in the face of losing his career, gave them everything he had worked for in the hopes it would provide them any solace.”

Maigetter’s mother wrote a very moving letter on Cory's behalf. She described Preston and Kennedy’s close friendship and campaigned against Kennedy serving any prison time. “Preston would have wanted that his friend and colleague, Cory, never be imprisoned for his actions but, as an alternative, for Cory to take responsibility and to give back to the community.”

In addition to his prison sentence, CK will be required to have “home monitoring” for about a year after he is released. He also lost his Nike contract.