Chocolate Slides by Buscemi

Sneaker entrepreneur and Ex-Girl/Chocolate skateboards shoe designer Jon Buscemi went back to this skateboarding roots with his new collaboration with the Girl/Chocolate camp. 

The Chocolate Slide is hand-crafted in Italy with full-grain Italian calf leather,  rubble soles, an adjustable strap, and the signature Buscemi vacuum insole construction. 

"My entire ethos and design inspirations have come from my childhood and early teenage years as a skateboarder.

We were always reaching for the best and were the flyest kids in the neighbourhood. As skateboarders, we stood out because of our taste level. This collaboration with Chocolate is a direct reflection of that taste level and marrying skateboarding with Luxury.

Back in 2001, I worked for Girl and Chocolate Skateboards. This is my homage."

—Jon Buscemi


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Sizing is Italian, so check the Size Guide.