Roll For Rob - Skate Benefit

Roll For Rob

Most of us live a very, very casual life as skateboarders.  We suffer from what the women in our lives call “Peter Pan Syndrome.”  Operation “Avoid a Real Job” kicks in around 18, and can last up to 40 years.  Who the F wants to grow up?  

Every once in a while, though, we receive some news that snaps us into the harsh reality that bad things can happen to good people.  Recently, Rob Pontes, one of my closest buddies, a rep, skateboarder for over 20 years, loving husband and father of two beautiful little girls, Olivia and Avery, was diagnosed with ALS.  Most of us aren’t familiar with the disease, so please read the link HERE to bring yourselves up to speed.  This disease is devastating, and anything you can contribute is greatly appreciated.

This interview is with Dan Dziuban, owner/operator of Theory Skate Shop in Holyoke, MA.  He’s known Rob for more than 10 years and has rallied the skate industry to try and provide financial support for Rob’s family.  

So our good friend Rob Pontes has fallen on some hard times lately….can you elaborate on the situation and  tell me about what you’ve done to rally the industry together and help Rob’s family out financially?

Rob has been diagnosed with ALS. He’s two years into it now since he was first diagnosed with symptoms.  Since that time we’ve wanted to do something to try and help him out financially with all the medical bills mounting. We did a go fund me called “Roll for Rob” which had tremendous response and success.  Going into 2015, we want to stay focused on using that momentum to accomplish even more for Rob and his family.

Who are some of the companies that have contributed from the industry?

Emerica, Brixton, DLX, and you guys at AYC.

What are some of the things those companies have done so far for the cause?

Jim Theibaud at DLX has a Roll for Rob board that’s going to come out in a couple of weeks.  Emerica has a Brandon Westgate shoe coming out in a Roll for Rob colorway.  AYC is bringing sweatshirts and Brixton is making a bunch of T’s…pretty much all the companies Rob works for are getting behind the cause to spearhead the project and raise some much needed financial support.

What is the date of the event, and where is it?

The first event is at Subliminal Skate Park February 28th.  We’ll have product for sale, with all proceeds going to Rob’s cause, of course.  We have pros coming out to really make it special for Rob and get the kids psyched.

But this first date isn’t all you’re doing right?

NO, it’s not!  We’re also setting up multiple events throughout the summer with local shops that have worked with Rob for more than ten years.  We’re going to try to do a little different thing at each event to keep it exciting for the kids.

Tell our audience about the Rob Pontes you know….not just the fabulous dancer that he is, but what makes the Northeast community pull for this guy like they are?

He’s been around a long time in our area in skateboarding.  He’s actually one of the few reps that can rip on a skateboard, so everyone of course connects with that.  Not to mention he’s a likeable guy, so once you get to know him you love him and he’s got you!  He’s done so much for the scene in our area, worked with so many guys, getting kids sponsored all that stuff.  He’s been a permanent fixture in our scene here and we’re lucky to have him. We love you buddy, and Ellington is coming out for the event, so I guess Feb 28th is white boy day!