Super Crown Win and SLS Sweep for Nyjah Huston

Nyjah made SLS history last night with his victory at the Super Crown World Championship, making him the first competitor ever to sweep the entire series! Throughout this season, Nyjah's incredible drive, work ethic, and talent have combined to and overcome a variety of different, challenging courses, and last night was no exception.

Competition was fierce at last night's event, with points on the opening Flow Section two full points above average. The intense exchanges between the skateboarders continued through the Impact and Control sections, with an impressive seven scores reaching into the nines. It all came down to the last trick, with Torey Pudwill pulling ahead and all eyes on Nyjah. Keeping it together under pressure, Nyjah nailed a caballerial kickflip into the centerpiece bank to win the title and complete a perfect season.

Asked about the win, Nyjah elaborated, “Obviously I’m super stoked on this year, it was really ideal. Having a straight sweep is something you cannot expect or set a goal for, but this season really just went well. I have been practicing a lot and added a lot of new tricks.  I’m stoked and I’m definitely looking forward to next year!”

Congrats on the sweep, Nyjah! You earned it.

SS Big Spin Heel

BS Flip

Cab BS Noseblunt

Cab Kickflip